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Apparently a lot of us suffer from eating disorders and body image issues. Let this be a group where you can share your problems-whether it be an eating disorder, low self esteem, etc. Please note--this should not be used as a substitute for counseling if you need it, this is just a place where you can write about your problems and other sugars can offer their support to you.

Going to the Dentist!

Posted By Rachie Rees on Jul 16, 2007 at 3:52AM

Hi sugers,

In the morning I have to visit the dentist and get my mouth revamped...
I am not looking forward to the pain, or seeing the chair....

Do any of you guys dread this too?
Please blog me your comments!

I think It won't cost as it should be paid by the mental health service here in nz as it was a medication that caused my rotten teeth and gums...I am wondering what is going to happen. I am struggling with eating as is, so eventually I will have relief I guess....I will keep you posted.....I will tell you more after the appointment tomorrow morning! ugh the thought!


Posted By JBlondie on Jun 5, 2007 at 6:52AM

Good morning everyone! Anything fun going on today with you guys?

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Group newbie!

Posted By JBlondie on Jun 1, 2007 at 9:11AM

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself! Hopefully, I will get to know most of you guys! :)

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How absolutely stupid!

Posted By wackdoodle on May 17, 2007 at 7:54PM

I'm ranting wildly here.

So I'm cleaning my apartment and the TV is on and The Insider tv show is on. Suddenly they start talking about this morbidly obese 12 year old girl who is having liposuction to lose weight. The Insider described her as morbidly obese by saying she's 200 pounds but they didn't say how tall she is and yes that's important because if she's 5'10 and 200 pounds she's not MO, she's technically overweight.

WHAT! Liposuction is not for weight loss. Ask the freaking board that certifies Plastic Surgeons and they'll tell you "No, liposuction is not for weight loss there's now way it should ever be used for any or massive weight loss. It's dangerous to do so." But this yahoo doctor Dr Robert I***** has removed 16 liters (35 pounds) of "fat" from this 12 year old girl, oh yeah, he's gave her a tummy tuck too. I say "fat" because lipo also removes blood and other fluids from the body at the same time and since this "doctor" is willing to do this to a 12 year old he obviously is willing to risk her life for some media time.

So apparently so claims the little girl she's spent years and years dieting and cannot lose weight and her parents have quote "tried to give her vegetables and stuff but that don't help none." So without even continuing to alter her diet and portions she's having lipo and a tummy tuck and expecting to be super thin and able to wear a small bikini this summer (she's starting at 200 pounds sans diet changes and lipo/tummy tuck). But she doesn't like exercise or diet.

Hmm...two things liposuction and abdominoplasty are not for weight loss. What exactly is this teaching this little girl? Plastic surgery will cure her obesity problem - I think she's going to be somewhat disappointed after the cameras leave and she realizes that she went through extreme pain with the tummy tuck and lipo to lose 35 pounds only to gain it back (if her history holds true according to her own words) because she and her parents haven't learned about proper nutrition and to exercise. Oh yeah her parents look slim, if that matters any. And if this is remotely successful imagine the people lining up at this plastic surgeons office to get extreme liposuction and imagine the body count increasing as people's bodies go into shock from massive blood and fluid loss because he's so zealous to get back on TV with more before and after patients. Hopefully, the Plastic Surgeon Board will see the show too and bring this doctor before their panel and sanction him for performing this excessive dangerous surgery on this young girl and giving her the false hope that it will "cure" her obesity.

Tomorrow is The Insiders big reveal of the 12 year old girl. I hope she exercised her tush off after the surgery cause she realized the lipo did little or nothing and the tummy tuck just removed her panni and helped her stop the infections she was getting. I hope she and her parents have sought out a nutritionist help to achieve a balanced diet for the household.

I hope I remember to turn the TV off tomorrow before the show comes on. I wonder what this child's pediatrician thinks about her having cosemtic surgery to "cure" her obesity.